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I blogged a lot. I blogged about different things. I looked at my stats. Then I blogged more and wrote for different sites and in different ways.

This is a cute animal. On a hoodie. On a girl.

My boobs are actually much bigger than that in real life. I’m #asian and a 34C.

You should follow my blog. #boobs #boobs #boobs

Hai look, I’m talking about ASIANS and BOOBS on the INTERNET! –

Seriously, what’s up with all these “How to Blog” blogs following me. There’s too many. Find a niche, guys. If you are supposedly SEO geniuses, you should know that already.

  • “How to Write a Porn Blog.” (Be hot.)
  • “How to Be Funny.” (Rip off funny people.)
  • “How to Give Up.” (Join the Army.)
  • “How to Make Money Online.” (Stop learning SEO and learn to code.)

There you go. The secrets to success. Maybe read one or two tutorials. But mostly just try a bunch of shit and then replicate what works.

4/20, Armadillos Metaphor, T-shirt, Fuckit, Smoke Weed

Trust me, I have big boobs.

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photo by Angela Weiss/ – July 30, 2011

Despite what the Internet says, I don’t think the dress is so bad. Also, her boobs look just large, not the horrifying Zeppelin-levels most often associated with the Bay Watch babe.  Her face, however, looks like someone botoxed a Halloween decoration and then applied fake eyelashes.

That’s about all I have to say about the matter, because Pam Anderson doesn’t really deserve an entire post.

Fun fact: If you enter “boobs” into Google’s new “What do you love?” site it autocorrects as kittens.  “Boobies” is still golden, though.

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That’s a lie.  I don’t have a dick upon which to suck.  And I actually like all of those except for BP and that time Facebook violated privacy and intellectual property rights (they’re better now).

What I’ve learned from blogging and looking at my handy Blog Stats provided by WordPress is that my most popular posts are the ones where I bash popular things.  Makes sense.

Although I am losing faith in the human race when I find I get hits from searches like “tazered twat.”  Really, why would you look on wordpress for pics and vids of tazered twat?  Freaks.

Here’s a video of my favorite stand-up comedian, Louis CK, talking about sucking dick.

Oh, and Lady Gaga.

(Just for fun, I’ll throw the word “boobs” in here too.)

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