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Fun Link Friday

I feel bad for missing last week so I made this fun link friday super happy funtime yay.

I have never seem something so adorable yet so bad ass. Black fawn! Take that albino fawns!

4chan hates animal abuse.

I want to make a flamethrower from an insulin syringe

Badass of the week: Matilda of Canossa.

Trippy 3D images.  No tacky glasses.

Yo, imma let you finish, but Kanye tweets the best New Yorker comic captions of all time.

On that note:

Stop!  Hammertime.

Young Jay-Z “breakin your tongue.”

Credit bureaus suck.  One woman’s horror story of being listed as “deceased.”

Goddamn that’s some craftsmanship.

Go go gadget bad ass motherfucker.

Have your daily dose of adorable youtube animal:

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