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John Oliver

Can’t argue with free buttons.

In Central Park last night with Wyatt Cenac, Al Madrigal, John Oliver, contributor Kristen Schaal, executive producer Rory Albanese, co-executive producer Adam Lowitt and hosted by John Hodgman. A nice lady let us sit on her blanket with her. Lewis Black made a surprise appearance at the end.  It was the best free show ever.

One of my favorite parts was when Wyatt Cenac talked about white supremacists criticizing Thor for having a black Norse god and then agreed with them.  Hah, it’s like I said, Thor had all the “political inclusivity of the Power Rangers.”

Kristen Schaal is better on stage than she is on the show. She did a sexy chair dance with water and then John Hodgman did a not so sexy chair dance with water. She does a weekly gig in Brooklyn every Monday that looks fun.

Even the lesser-name guys who went on first were pretty funny. “Passion attack.” “Did you just rename rape?”

I can’t find a tour date schedule. Tthe Indecision 2012 site doesn’t have one posted. I didn’t know about this show until yesterday. Maybe they’re all free and so popular that only the venue promotes it.

Huh. Whatever. Not my loss. I’m going to go spend the heat wave tomorrow (er, today rather) watching the rest of John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show on Netflix, because he is so fantastic.