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Beating the Heat for Poor People

8 Super Simple Tricks to Beat the Heat

#1.  Stick your sheets in your freezer for a bit before you go to bed.

#2.  Put a cold compress on places where your pulse is.  Neck, wrists, behind the knee.

#3.  Loiter at a place with air conditioning. Like the supermarket, Starbucks, or a library.  Or search craigslist for a cheap air conditioner.  I found a like new one for $50 once.

#4. Common sense, but stay hydrated. Get an $2 ice cube tray. If you get sick of water, lemon juice is cheap. Make your own lemonade.

#5.  At night when it gets cooler, open the window. Put a fan right by the window facing in and blowing air inside. It should create an area of low pressure behind the fan that will draw the cooler air in.

#6  Keep the shades drawn when you’re not in the room.  Use florescent lights, if you must use lightning, because the are awesome energy efficient and produce less heat.

#7 Ice cream!  I vote Turkey Hill as tastiest for its value in those half gallon tubs.

#8 Nudity + Cool shower. Take often.

Did I miss any good ones? Comment below.

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