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Steve Carrel’s Replacement on The Office

The Week thinks up five possibilities for the new boss.  Who can fill Michael Scott’s shoes?

  • Ricky Gervais: The boss from the original Britland version, and he’s “inherently meaner” as an actor, writes Christopher Rosen at the New York Observer.
  • Rainn Wilson: Just promote Dwight.  What could possibly go wrong?

  • Lisa Kudrow: Best known as Phoebe from Friends.  Or maybe Elizabeth Banks of 30 Rock.  Ladies rock.  No sexual harassment; they took care of them remember. (Did Dwight ever figure out what the ‘female vagina’ looked like?
  • Ed Helms: Comedy Central, ftw.  Steve Carrel came from the Daily Show, so why not try Ed Helms (The Dentist from The Hangover)?  Or Rob Corddry.
  • Old Spice Guy: In his commercials, “he’s basically acting like a pompous idiot, and what better show could there be for pompous idiots than The Office?,” explains the Hollywood Reporter.

[post-date edit:  Will Farrell is the confirmed replacement.  Ew.  Time to Cancel.]

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