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Get Him to The Greek : Apatow at His Best

Spoiler level: minimum.

When I first saw the trailer for Get Him to the Greek, I thought it was going to be another generic Apatow stoner comedy.  “Ripping off Pulp Fiction?  Really?” I thought, as Jonah Hill got stabbed in the chest with an Epi-pen.    I severely pre-judged.

Playing off from his character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Russell Brand plays the loveable, screwed up, self-destructive rock star, Aldous Snow, whom we catch in the middle of his celebrity identity crisis on his way to a concert.  Accompanied by his “affable nitwit” of an assistant, Aaron Green (Jonah Hill), Snow brings us a fun combination sex, drugs, and rock n roll, while romance and hilarity ensue.  The plot is reminiscent of Funny People, except unlike that flat Apatow film, Get Him To the Greek was actually funny.

The comedic style has a little bit of everything for everyone.   Screwball Stoner.  Shock Value with random nudity.   Intelligent References—Paul Krugman does a cameo as himself.  And WTF Factor—think disembodied P. Diddy head.  A large number of one-liners make it a quotable summer flick.

Get Him to The Greek is not for the easily offended.   But chances are if you’re young, in the entertainment biz, and/or smoke a lot of pot, you will love this film.