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Andrew Sullivan Defends his Palin-Trig Not-So-Conspiracy Theory

While on break, my favorite veteran blogger, Andrew Sullivan, let MSNBC’s Dave Weigel guest-blog for him.  Weigel took the opportunity to criticize Sully for his questioning the legitimacy of the Trig pregnancy.

Andrew Sullivan comes backs and defends himself.

I am, after all, not claiming something for which there can be no proof. I am not claiming something after contrary proof has been provided (as in Obama’s birth certificate). I am merely asking to clear up a question for which there must be a mountain of readily available medical records, and which Palin could have released almost two years ago – and still refuses, even when asked in a friendly attempt to kill off the rumors once and for all. In this refusal to provide information, Palin’s key allies are in what now passes for the press. And you wonder why we knew nothing about John Edwards or Eliot Spitzer or Stanley McChrystal or … well, WMDs in Iraq or torture, until it was all over and done with.

Go, Sully, go!   I am pro the transparency of even the private lives of politicians.  When you make the decision to be a public figure, you have to accept the responsibility of that transparency.  To have the audacity to make a claim like having contractions during a speech and then flying on a plane back to Alaska (2:18) and then refuse to answer basic questions… that is not what I want in my people in office.

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