A Perfect Circle New Song 2013 – “By and Down”

A Perfect Circle released a studio version their first new song in 9 years: “By and Down.”

I was hoping this would be the first track of a whole new album, because the music gods know that rock really needs some help these days, but alas, no word yet. A Perfect Circle is releasing a greatest hits album titled Three Sixty in November, with this track as the only new addition.

(A “Best Of” album seems obsolete to me in this digital album age, but who knows, maybe it’ll attract the attention of a younger generation who missed some good fucking rock in the early 2000s.)

It’s not as aggressive and powerful as some of their older stuff, but still the best thing I’ve heard in Alt Rock in a long time.

A Perfect Circle – “By and Down” (Full Studio Version)

Not much of my high school iTunes library stands the test of time, but APC’s The Thirteenth Step remains one of my favorite albums ever.

So I hope this track is the first of many more to come from APC.


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