“Aggressive Following” and my Dissatisfaction with Twitter

I tried to start a new media account for viral promotion purposes. On Twitter. Because I thought that’s what the Twitter was for.

I believe, as a semi-professional blogger, that I know how NOT to spam and I also believe that I know how interact with new people online in meaningful and interesting ways. I followed 160 accounts over the course of 2 days. I was suspended almost immediately even though I had 34 posts, most of them being interactions with those people I followed.

To avoid any potential backlash (making me paranoid, Twitter and reddit, with all this banning) I have blurred the username:


Holy shit, does this piss me off.

It was just an annoyance until I tried to go through the whole unsuspension proess and it turns out the Captcha thing isn’t even working properly. [You actually need a space between the two words, a detail they should specify. I  actually tried the space the first but I got a straight up Fail Whale technical error the first time.]

I’m glad Automattic and WordPress have never given me any problems. ❤ flexible and reasonable websites.

Share if you feel the same way or have had the same problem with being unfairly suspended from somewhere. Buttons on the bottom. Share my rage; it can be our Twitter rage together.


4 thoughts on ““Aggressive Following” and my Dissatisfaction with Twitter

    • I finally got unsuspended. Funny story, they also punish you for “aggressive unfollowing.” I want to go ahead and unfollow some tech blogs, but now I’m afraid I’ll get suspended again.

      • What is the allowed rate for following and unfollowing? Is the following speed limit posted on the interwebs? Can I get nookie from truck stop hooker in the direct message lounge? I must know things.

    • The rules they linked me to where as vague as the ones in the screenshot.

      I think I tagged someone who didn’t like the post, so they reported me. I wish there was just an untag function on Twitter.


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