I Have a Crush on Reza Aslan (Fox News Interview)

So this video has been making its rounds on BuzzFeed lately:

“Why would you say that?” I love how smug and condescending he is without even trying.

Oh, Fox News, I will link to you only in YouTube videos and Google cache links just because it gives me great joy to deny you ad revenue.

I first saw Reza Aslan on The Daily Show during the Green Revolution. I thought, “Who is the gorgeous gorgeous Iranian man?”

Reza Aslan is a pretty big deal in academic circles and probably the biggest name in religious studies, and definitely Islam, off the top of my head. The only time I’ve seen him get flustered is when he debated the relationship of violence and Islam with Sam Harris.

It turns out Aslan is 41 and married, but… would still tap.  Mmmmm, articulate men with symmetrical faces and terminal degrees.


7 thoughts on “I Have a Crush on Reza Aslan (Fox News Interview)

  1. I got to see Reza Aslan in person for a talk at Baldwin-Wallace University last year. Some guy got up and started talking about Ron Paul and Aslan made him look like an absolute fool.

  2. It was such a silly interview. The thing is, he might indeed have had “biases” – but that was not a matter that could be covered in an interviewer conducted by someone with absolutely no knowledge of academic scholarship.

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