NY Times Published “Rock Star” Picture of Boston Bomber 2 Months Ago and No One Cared

America’s Sweetheart, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Matt Taibbi (<3 ❤ <3!) posted a defense of The Rolling Stone cover that people suddenly care about:

But Rolling Stone has actually been in the hard news/investigative reporting business since its inception, from Hunter S. Thompson to Carl Bernstein to Bill Greider back in the day to Tim Dickinson, Michael Hastings, Mark Boal, Janet Reitman and myself in recent years.

One could even go so far as to say that in recent years, when investigative journalism has been so dramatically de-emphasized at the major newspapers and at the big television news networks, Rolling Stone‘s role as a source of hard-news reporting has been magnified. In other words, we’re more than ever a hard news outlet in a business where long-form reporting is becoming more scarce.

Not everybody knows this, however, which, again, is understandable. But that’s where the confusion comes in. It’s extremely common for news outlets to put terrorists and other such villains on the covers of their publications, and this is rarely controversial – the issue is how it’s done.

EXACTLY!  Taibbi notes that The New York Times ran the exact same picture in May. Front cover. No one cared. It was a non-issue. When I had money, I subscribed to the Rolling Stone just because Matt Taibbi and Michael Hastings (RIP) were so fucking tight as investigative journalists.

I apologize for all the enthusiasm. I’m mixing gin and politics and blogging while studying epigenetics. I might edit this post in the morning.

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