Best of Overheard in Brooklyn # 4

Best of @heardinbk

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Sorry, guys. I’ve been neglectful of my cross-posting. Yes, I know tweets have an easy embed feature, but I like the way this looks better.

“I’m always afraid my sister’s profile is going to come up. She lives near here”–man talking about OkCupid at the bar #overheardinbrooklyn

“There’s this great tamale place in Midtown in an abandoned elevator shaft.” #overheardinbrooklyn

And then she said, with firm conviction, “I miss The Harlem Shake.”

“My cat still has PTSD from my leash-training attempt.”

“Do you know your Myers-Briggs type?”

today is the day: “learn on the internet how to love a plant” ~ overheard in brooklyn

Overheard near Grand Army Plaza: “Where’s the line between gossip and processing interpersonal dynamics?” (cc: @HeardInBK)

“The other [frozen yogurt] place in Williamsburg sold out of fruit once. It was disgusting. I was so angry.”

yo i’m adam but my club name is “DJ Cisgendered”

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“It’s like the whole movie’s on Instagram.” Regarding Moonrise Kingdom.

“I’ll love him so long as he doesn’t turn out to be a Republican or a Red Sox fan.” -guy holding baby #conditionallove

Overheard in Brooklyn: “there needs to be some sort of national bong functionality standardization” @HeardInBK

Overheard cellphone conversation in Brooklyn: “I’m failing miserably at this human experience. What are you doing?”

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“Her fashion sense is something like an Amish person meets a transvestite.”

“Cats! Cats! Cats! Cats! Cats! Cats! Cats! Cats! Cats! Cats! Cats! Everybody!” < #Shots for lonely, introverted people.


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