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10 Intriguing Documentaries To Stream on Netflix

10. e² Design

Director: Beth Levison

Narrated by Brad Pitt and Mormon Freedman, this excellent PBS documentary series is riddled with interesting facts for the environmentally conscious. Did you know that New York City, per capita, is one of the greener emitters of air pollution in the US?

e² was produced by Kontentreal, a documentary and strategic entertainment company seeking creative, innovative, and market-ready solutions for world problems. Six episodes are available for streaming on Netflix.

9. Trouble the Water

Director: Carl Deal and Tia Lessin

From the producers of Fahrenheit 9/11Trouble the Water is the gripping tale of a couple surviving failed levees of Hurricane Katrina, the ensuing bureaucracy in trying to obtain aid, and their the story of their own past of poverty. While When the Levees Broke is considered the quintessential New Orleans flood story, this film takes a smaller, more personal perspective of the 2004 tragedy. An extremely moving piece of work.

8. Radio Bikini

Director: Robert Stone

This one hour long, 1987 film uses declassified footage to tell the story of the US Government’s atomic bomb tests on the Island of Bikini Atoll at the start of the Cold War. Known as “Operation Crossroads,” the tests left the Marshall Islanders unable to safely return home, and the area remained dangerously radioactive for decades.

7. The One Percent

Director: Jamie Johnson

Johnson & Johnson heir Jamie Johnson uses his influential heritage to get coveted interviews, such as Milton Friedman, and get into esoteric places known only by the top 1% of the income-earners in the US. Touching the issues surrounding growing wealth inequality, it also probes the culture of the upper-class, and the efforts the rich take to maintain family wealth.

6. God Grew Tired of Us: The Story of Lost Boys of Sudan

Director: Christopher Dillon Quinn

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