Amanda Blum

Let me get this out of the way:  I don’t like Adria Richards. I think I have good reason to not like Adria Richards. So I should be feeling some major Schadenfreude right now. Instead, though, I think what’s unfolded in the developer community in recent days has been a tragedy. Here’s why.

  • Adria Richards was an attendee at PyCon, a tech conference, as part of her job as a developer evangelist at Sendgrid, a tech company that manages emails.
  • She took offense to a conversation two men, also developers for a company called Play Haven, were having behind her during the conference, in which they referenced “dongles” and “forking”. Both of these are tech terms, they were construed to be used sexually on Adria’s part.
  • Without ever mentioning her offense to the men, she took their picture, posted it to twitter and asked PyCon to do something about it.
  • Play…

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  1. First of all, feminists are fucking retarded and I would be a happier person if Adria Richards died of cancer tomorrow.

    That said, I think this article makes a very good point that is completely lost on the throngs of angry betas: It’s not Adria’s fault.

    All Adria did was take a picture and spout some nutty bullshit. She was exercising her first-amendment rights, period. She did not directly harm anyone. She didn’t actually “do” anything at all. She is 100% talk, and I am very strongly opposed to punishing someone just for giving their fucking opinion (and that really is all she did).

    Sure, Adria is amazingly racist and sexist and hypocritical and toxic as all fuck, but so what? None of those things are illegal, and thank god for that. Freedom of speech is awesome.

    Imo, the dumb fuck CEO who fired the male dev is really the only “bad guy” in this whole situation. He’s the only person who used his power to DIRECTLY fuck another human being in a capricious and highly sexist manner. He could have avoided this whole situation by doing nothing. Instead, he fucked up, made himself and his company look stupid, and created this whole goddamn issue where there was none before.

    Overall, I have positive feelings towards the DDOS’ers. I think their heart is in the right place, even if their execution was very poor. And SendGrid is such a fundamentally shady, parasitic organization that it’s very hard for me to think of fucking them financially as being “bad.” Also, I view DDOS’ing as a form of speech that should be protected.

    (I also thinking hacking is a form of speech that should be protected / legalized, even though I wanted to kill the fucker who hacked my web server last year)

    Oh yeah, and the idea that female programmers are discriminated against is utterly fucking ridiculous. Female programmers are treated like goddesses. The reason why there are so few female programmers is that bitches suck at programming. Equality doesn’t mean catering to retards.

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