I Know I’ve Probably Posted This Sapolsky Lecture a Million Times

…but this is the best lecture on the basic biology of depression.

“I’ll make the argument here… that basically depression is the worst disease you can get.”

-Dr. Robert Sapolsky

He really is my favorite professor who I’m sure gets mistaken as a homeless guy.


6 thoughts on “I Know I’ve Probably Posted This Sapolsky Lecture a Million Times

  1. I find this leaves me feeling somewhat hopeless. He articulates the biology and psychology of depression and it’s all understandable — but there’s nothing about what to do. If I’m genetically pre-disposed, was stressed — and remain so, have largely failed at therapy, and the meds don’t work, what’s to do? Please tell me he has some vision for what to do about this, how to overcome it…

    • Knowing the etiology and knowing how to treat, while overlapping, are pretty different areas of study. I think Sapolsky is well aware that he’s not a psychiatrist and doesn’t want to tread on area that’s too far out of what he does, which is primarily endocrinology.

      He’s currently doing gene therapy research, but I’m sure that shit needs decades more research. I doubt we’ll see it as an actively used treatment in our lifetimes.

      I haven’t had any luck with therapy or meds either, and I’ve been through years and years of both. I should start a “genetically fucked” support group.

      • Sorry. That probably came across as all whiny. I’ve well and truly given up on meds — a recent two-plus month trial of a mood stabilizer left me with what I’ll just call paradoxical side effects. It left me shaken, and in worse shape than I started, which took some doing. And I probably overstate the failure of therapy. It’s possible it was more the failure of the therapist after over two years. I’m trying again, we’ll see.

        In any event, thanks for posting this, and for the site. You help. I appreciate it.

        ps: If you start the “genetically fucked” support group, I’m in.

      • You’re welcome. Out of curiosity, do you remember how you found Clantily Scad?

        I almost want to end with some sentiment like “be well” but you know by now those are easier said than done.

  2. Easy to say, but appreciated none the less.

    I’m not completely sure how I got here…the twitters, probably. There are a couple of MI boards I frequent from time to time – maybe there? Insight Connect? (Meditation) I browse a lot…maybe was just serendipity.

    Take care of yourself. And thanks.

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