Twitter #Obamadebatetips for 10/16/12

In 90 minutes I’ll be running a live-blog, mostly from Twitter reactions. It’ll probably be a lot more lazy tomorrow because I have to pack during the debate.

Debate Pre-game:

#ObamaDebateTips Wear a Big Bird costume.

#ObamaDebateTips Make sure everyone will let you be clear.

#ObamaDebateTips Gangnam style

Borrow Hillary’s balls. #ObamaDebateTips

#ObamaDebateTips Legalize marijuana. #Obama2012

@HahaOneLiners#ObamaDebateTips Don’t say anything. Just have Morgan Freeman say it for you.”

End every response with, That’s What She Said. #ObamaDebateTips

#ObamaDebateTips Break out in random meowing.

#ObamaDebateTips Meow at Mitt Romney. GAME OVER

Of course Twitters obsessed with cats. Because people on twitter have no friends.


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