Chris Christie really is just a louder, fatter, meaner version of Romney. They both cater to the same corporate interests, and they both have no solutions for wealth inequality.

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Yesterday, as I watched NBC’s Meet the Press, moderated by David Gregory, I was caught by surprise when I heard Gov. Chris Christie (NJ-R) use the phrase “shared sacrifice,” not once, but thrice. While I rarely give much thought to the words of campaign surrogates, as I take the candidate’s words as his or her official stance, this interview defined this election.

“Shared Sacrifice and a Balanced Approach,” also known as the “Shared Sacrifice Plan,” was President Obama’s fiscal message of 2011. He could frequently be seen touting the fact the he, and people in his income bracket, could afford to give a little more in this time of economic hardship for the country. Obama felt that if cuts to domestic spending, safety net programs included, were being considered, then revenue increases should be as well. His proposed solution would have had everyone with annual incomes greater than $250,000 experience…

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