DNC reax + Gangnam Style Mash-up Music Video

1. Nate Silver is showing a significant bump  for the Democrat’s after the DNC, much higher than the RNC’s bump.
Electoral Vote Prediction
Barack Obama


+10.4 since Aug. 31
Mitt Romney


-10.4 since Aug. 31
2. The DNC also tied for ratings with “Honey Boo Boo Child” while the RNC was below the ratings for their week.
3. Buzzfeed posts a list of newspaper headlines in Swing States, showing positive reaction to Barack’s speech.
Animated Granholm .gif via HuffPo
Personally, I thought Jennifer Granholm’s speech was the best. She was one of the more rousing and animated speakers of the night.
5. Factcheck.org had to aggregate their analysis of Obama’s and Biden’s speeches, because apparently they each didn’t have enough exaggerations and out-of-context quotes to warrant posts of their own. (Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney each had their own posts from the RNC previously on factcheck.org)
6. As promised, song for Friday. This is seriously the best Gangnam Style mash-up I’ve seen yet:

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