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A bunch of legal scholars and securities lawyers have been coming out and saying that Romney hasn’t technically committed a felony crime.  Sure, having a title doesn’t mean you have a legal obligation to a certain level of managerial tasks.  But…

Voters don’t give a shit. They care that Romney was officially CEO and they care that he got $100,000 a year salary from this job position. If he wasn’t paying attention to what was going down in his own company, he’s still up for criticism for neglect.

There’s no way he can back away gracefully from this one.

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Via HuffPo.  Facing Fraud allegations from the SEC, Goldman Sachs increased lobbying by 40% in the second quarter.

Rundown of important points in the Wall Street Reform Bill now law:

  • The Emergency Mortgage Relief program makes more than $1 billion in federal funds available to families about to lose their homes.
  • Retailers may not exceed $10 as the credit card minimum.
  • If a lender turns down your application for credit because of your credit score, the lender is required to tell you what your credit score is for free.
  • A new independent watchdog, Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, will be created to regulate loan products ranging from credit cards to mortgages.  Pawn brokers and auto dealers are exempt.
  • A new national toll free number for consumer complaints on products and services will be created.

  • NO MORE TAXPAYER BAILOUTS.  Limits excessive company growth and complexity, limits Fed lending, sets guidelines for an orderly liquidation process, and requires companies to go through normal bankruptcy procedures.

“I’ve been an advocate since the start of regulatory reform and am quite pleased we’re moving forward,” Citibank CEO Vikram Pandit said. “The ultimate impact won’t be clear until we know all of the details, but we have been managing the business and selling assets in line with the principles of reform.”

He added that the bill, which calls for most derivatives to be bought and sold on clearinghouses and exchanges, won’t have a major impact on much of its derivatives business.

More points from a Senate Committee here.

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