Overheard in Brooklyn Tweets #3

I got retweeted by MC Chris! I feel like I’ve been touched by a Nerd God. @HeardinBK  Send me your hipster quotes!

“Yeah, I do want to say something to you. As a Batgirl, you’re disappointing!” –@_mcchris to drunk heckler being led out of@KnitBrooklyn

Candice HallCandice Hall ‏@sexmysobriquet

“You don’t throw a cup at digital Woody Guthrie!” –@_mcchris at drunk heckler.

Retweeted by Overheard Brooklyn

“I thought ‘Pynchonian’ was a type of lunch meat.”

“Going to the dentist is like going to Cirque de Soleil except I’m always going to get mauled by tigers.”

“I never preheat my oven. I’m a rebel.”

“I just used ‘ceteris paribus’ in a text message. Yeah… I’m a nerd.”

#overheardinbk “it was great! i really got to experience the cultural anonymity of dressing barn animals in old-timey people clothes.”

“Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence would be a great indie band name.”

Overheard BrooklynOverheard Brooklyn ‏@HeardInBK

“Dolphins Rape People. Band name or PSA?” At Norman ave and Jewel st, Greenpoint.

“I saw a girl with a brass-colored leg and my first thought was “what a great steampunk outfit.”

“Sometimes when I’m bored on the train I play ‘Who in this car would I most likely fuck.’ ‘Me too.'”

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