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As a child, few things captured my attention like Disney’s DuckTales. Looking back on it, I don’t really know why. Perhaps I long ago harbored intense interest in duck-human hybrids, their crime fighting exploits, and the persistent efforts of mutant dog people in taking their money. Little did I know that through my gaze of TV worship I was indirectly supporting Scrooge McDuck, who possibly is the most evil man-duck of our time.

Granted many would argue that Donald should be granted the infamous title of World’s Most Evil Man-Duck. After all he was a well known Nazi.


I’m certainly not trying to excuse the things Donald did and who he may or may not have killed. I’m just saying he doesn’t rise to #1. Mostly because he was so young when he joined Hitler’s army. If we as a society can accept a pope who was once in…

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