Quick Comments on Romney’s Bain Problems + SEC Document Picture

A bunch of legal scholars and securities lawyers have been coming out and saying that Romney hasn’t technically committed a felony crime.  Sure, having a title doesn’t mean you have a legal obligation to a certain level of managerial tasks.  But…

Voters don’t give a shit. They care that Romney was officially CEO and they care that he got $100,000 a year salary from this job position. If he wasn’t paying attention to what was going down in his own company, he’s still up for criticism for neglect.

There’s no way he can back away gracefully from this one.


5 thoughts on “Quick Comments on Romney’s Bain Problems + SEC Document Picture

  1. It’s only working if you ask the extremely rural, uneducated voter such as the majority of my family. Upon talking to my family about Romney’s history with Bain, they said that this story is just a lie put out by Obama (although they call him things no human should write).

  2. Conservatives seem delusional about how much Romney is covering up.

    Headlines: Bill Kristol: Romney ‘crazy’ not to release tax returns. GOP Gov. Robert Bentley says Romney should adopt “full transparency.”

    Then everyone will see just exactly how much Romney was paying himself during those years he was supposedly on leave.

    • Delusion and lying are all too prevalent in the American political system (as I’m sure is the case in most other countries). Granted, it’s not like the Philippines where I, as a foreigner, had to pay a bribe to pass through customs at the Manila Airport, but still.

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