WTF Wednesday – Miami Face-Eater Not on Bath Salts

Weird New Wednesday

Tests in cannibalism case: Zombie-like attacker used pot, not ‘bath salts’


Rudy Eugene, 31, was killed by a police officer after Eugene’s 18-minute attack on a homeless man. His body didn’t show “any other street drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs, or any adulterants found in street drugs,” according to the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner Department.

“The department has also sought the assistance of an outside forensic toxicology reference laboratory, which has confirmed the absence of ‘bath salts,’ synthetic marijuana and LSD,” the statement said.

The media talked about bath salts with such authority I thought there was evidence or something. Mainstream media fail.

Oh god, Time Magazine is now calling him the “Cannabis Cannibal.”  I’m guessing schizophrenia on this one, maybe made worse by the pot. One of the really rare cases that make you violent.

What’s more bizarre to me is, how did the homeless guy let someone gnaw on his face for so long? They released pictures of the victim and the damage is pretty intense. Even if you’re really, drunk adrenaline should kick in and make your life-or-death mechanism kick in.


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