More Overheard in Brooklyn Tweets

Eleven days into my new project and I haven’t given up. Pimp my Twitter. Pimp my Twitter. Pimp my Twitter.

23% follower to following rate. Could be worse.

You know what’s more important than followers? Retweets. It’s hard to do on twitter if you’re not in a tweet circle jerk. Do me a solid, guys, and check the page and retweet your favorite quote. And comment if you have suggestions!

Overheard Brooklyn


Tag me in your hipster quotes and I might retweet you.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn 


“I would like to thank the fine denizens of the Internet for inspiring my wireless network name. ‘BonerHitler.'”

“My love life is a Jungian soap opera.”

“You’re raping the cows! You’re raping the cows!” [at icecream truck]

“He’s like Thoreau but with Tourette’s.”

“They rhymed ‘Vietnam’ with ‘Bambi’s mom.'” #garfunkelandoates

no matter how many people think of a stoner dating site, it will never get built

Retweeted by Overheard Brooklyn

“How do you say ‘take my pants off’ in Esperanto?”


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