The “Do Not Kill” List

Ahaha. Maybe what that hipster told me, “We’re living in a dystopia!” wasn’t so crazy after all. Even Americans can be enemy combatants. Rejoice in our executive branch’s power.

The National Agency for Ethical Drone-Human Interactions (N.E.D.H.I.) was founded in September of 2001 to monitor and regulate the use of drones both domestically and internationally.

Disclaimer: Adding your name to the ‘Do Not Kill’ Registry does not guarantee that you will not be the target of a drone strike but only that an additional review process will be undertaken before you are labeled an enemy militant and added to the national kill list. For further information on the drone program and newly instated ‘kill list’ click here.

Sign the petition to get Obama to officially create a Do Not Kill list. 25,000 are required by June 29 to get an official response from the White House.


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