Overheard in Brooklyn @HeardinBK Twitter

I have a new project.  There’s a few other “Overheard in Brooklyn” websites and blogs, but they’re all dead. Don’t let this Twitter die like my Anthony Weiner Tumblr died!

My life goal is go viral on the Internet by ripping off other people’s ideas. (My parents didn’t love me.)

Send me your Hipster quotes and retweet any ones you like.

“My dream is to make a living writing dick jokes for people that have been to college.”

“Goddamn, I need a man purse.”

“Feminist mime class. Help! Help! I’m trapped under a glass ceiling.” –@TheRealDictator

“She bought a shower curtain that says YOLO on it.” “This shit has gone too far.” #YOLO

“We’re living in a Dystopia!”


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