All Beloved Politicians Backtrack, Including Corey Booker

“It’s nauseating to the American public,” Booker said on the Meet the Press on Sunday, regarding Obama’s negative campaign strategies. “Enough is enough. Stop attacking private equity.”

Whoops, I forgot I’m a Democrat and have a base that hates Mitt Romney.  Backpedddle backpeddle!
Glenn GreenwaldGlenn Greenwald ‏@ggreenwald:  That Cory Booker recantation completely has the feel of a hostage video.
Ezra Klein tempers:
I went back to the transcript. No one on the panel mentions Booker’s comments. But they quickly became a firestorm. It’s a reminder how different speeches and interviews and comments can look when viewed in context, as opposed to after they’ve been ripped from wherever they originated, spun into a separate narrative, and made into their own story.

2 thoughts on “All Beloved Politicians Backtrack, Including Corey Booker

  1. This shows the Obama administration and the Democratic party need to create a more disciplined campaign. This was not a slip up (even though slip ups can be damaging)…this was a self promoting and violent attack on his own party. He can walk back all he likes but neither party should want him after this. He turned Mitt Romney surrogate on the show but anyone who takes on such a turn coat is courting big problems.

    Walk back?? Booker has National aspirations but loyalty counts. I hope his political career is shaken by his horrible conduct.

    • Horrible conduct? It was one sentence about capitalist protections. The rest of the interview was pretty uncontroversial and benign.

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