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Weird News Wednesday one day late.  I’m so glad I never committed to do PostADay, because I was super sick yesterday and would have most certainly failed at that endeavor.

Via The Smoking Gun.

It’s unclear from the news articles the time frame or exact order in which all of the following things happened, but they apparently all happened in one day.

  • Couple drinks, smokes the reefer, and drops acid.
  • Couple gets naked.
  • Couple gives their Dachshund a gummy worm laced with LSD.
  • Dachshund freaks out and escapes from the house, running.
  • Couple goes outside naked on highway in futile attempt to find their tripping dog while tripping.
  • People call cops on naked people on highway.
  • Dachshund gets hits by a car.  He bites two people trying to help him and then dies at an animal hospital.
  • Couple is arrested for disorderly conduct and, while in custody, asks the officers if they knew where their dog was.

Moral of the story:  Don’t dose your dog, because that’s animal cruelty.  And always have a tripsitter.


A less dark and depressing story from last week via MSNBC.

An 8-foot tall Lego guy washed up on the shore of Siesta Key beach in Florida last week.  It’s believed by many to be the work of Dutch artist Leon Keer, possibly as a viral promotion of his participation in the current Sarasota Chalk Festival, but he denies ownership of the giant sculpture…

even though it has the words “Ego Leonard” written on the back, and the website for a previous 8-foot tall Lego Man,, is registered under Keer’s personal email address.