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black sim « Clantily Scad: Dyslexistentialist Commentary of the Culturally Incorrect Kind

Remember a couples weeks ago, when I said I wasn’t going to talk about the Facebook Sims ever again? I lied.

I was going to stop playing once I made a fourth room to my house. I was going to stop once I built the double bed, so my Sim could “WooHoo!” with his girlfriend.  I was going to stop after the BigScreen TV, the Writer skill-up to Level 10, and the Pink Lawn Flamingos.  But I couldn’t stop.  I couldn’t stop the Sims cycle of addiction.

Now, I’m just confirming what we all already know.  Video games are just as rewarding to the brain, if not moreso than real life.

I mean, when you mow your Sim lawn, money pops out!  Money!  And it makes a poppy noise! And then a jingly money noise when you collect it. I’d be mowing my lawn everyday if that happened in real life.

I’m the only person among my friends to make a black Sim.  I don’t understand why everyone else tried to make a close-approximation real life version of themselves. How boring. Reginald Omar Klein is a pimp and that’s why his house has house has purple walls.

Also, purple is the black power color.

Reginald Omar Klein wants you to come over and visit, subvert the government, smoke a doobie (not a real Sim option), and WooHoo! in his shower.  Come. Come join us at Sims Social.  And you too can have an addiction to purchasing pink lawn flamingos.

(Actually, I think I think I’ve run out of space to build stuff. This is like that time I ran out of levels in Angry Birds. Addiction over!)