Netflix Scraps Qwikster DVD-only Service Idea

Thank you to all those that read “An Open Letter to Qwikster, Stop this Qwikster bullshit”  and used the contact information to respectfully contact Netflix and express your disappointment with their recent policy changes.

Due to user backlash from users and investors–their stocks dropping over 60% over a period of only a few momths, Netflix has announced in a blog post that they will not be creating Qwikster as a separate DVD service.  Good, because Qwikster was a terrible concept and a terrible name.

This outcome shows a willingness on Netflix’s behalf to change policies when hundreds of thousands of customers express dissatisfaction.

I still want to emphasize that we should hold Netflix executives accountable for what they say and promise.

“While the July price change was necessary, we are now done with price changes.”

Done, they say.  In the real world, “done” usually means forever.  In business, that means until its customers forget the last price change.  How long will that be?  We’re watching you, Netflix.


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