Naked in New York City

Example of Andy Golub's work by asterix611

Today a model was arrested in Time’s Square while being painted by artist Andy Golub.  Pics of the painted naked lady in handcuffs at NY Daily News.  Her lawyer commented,

New York State Law prohibits public nudity, except if it’s part of a play, performance, exhibition or show… This particular sergeant who arrested Ms. West didn’t get the memo – or simply didn’t care.”

I googled up “new york city nudity laws” and discovered the lawyer’s comments echoed in N.Y. Pen. Law §§245.01, 245.02, in which exemptions from the ban on public nudity  “apply to . . . any person entertaining or performing in a play, exhibition, show, or entertainment.”

This law was upheld in a 1999 court case, Spencer Tunick v. Howard Safir City of New York.

Also, due to a 1992 Court of Appeals ruling (People v. Santorelli, et al) women may be topless anywhere in NYS that permits topless men, including city streets, etc.  Good information to know.

Have some more public nudity in Times Square:


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