Marcus Bachmann eats a corn dog

So I don’t normally do one picture posts, but this is the very heterosexual Marcus Bachmann in Iowa circa August 2011 eating a local delicacy:

This is best thing I’ve seen since the Gay Barbarians telling him they need to be “disciplined” and Bachmann’s dance in this youtube video at 1:45.

Oh, here’s Michelle too:


3 thoughts on “Marcus Bachmann eats a corn dog

  1. Is it just me or does Marcus Bachmann’s camp sound almost exactly like the “Pray the Gay Away” camp Butters gets sent to on South Park?

    • I think he has a clinic, not a camp. But the undercover camera dude totally caught them advocating the same-sex buddy system some of those camps use. Hilarious.

  2. Damn nice pic of Michele feeding the first lady. Someday in the future, preferably the same day as the apocalypse, we can retitle this pic as President Feeding The Queen.

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