Too soon? Why I laugh at Amy Winehouse jokes.

[edit: Follow-up post with the actual list of Amy Winehouse jokes.]

My friend on FB had a status update:  “They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said, thud.”  I pointed my e-thumbs up because it was funny.

I, of course, didn’t know Amy Winehouse personally.  I thought Back to Black was a great album and she had some killer hair.  But in response to this news,  I felt nothing.  No other thoughts than “Oh, that’s interesting. I bet the media is going to treat this like MJ lite.”  Is this because where my heart  is supposed to be is a cruel, atheistic black hole for compassion rendering me incapable of ever feeling sad about the death of another human being?

No, it’s because there’s not that much all surprising about her death.  Her battle with drugs and being a general screw-up were pretty public.  The media portrayal of her drunken, coked out antics may or may not be fair, but they were made amusing by the fact that she made a hit single based solely about refusing to get help and she did indeed have funny hair.

Meanwhile, while something terrifying, with a sweeping death toll 90x greater than that of one coked out celebrity,  happens to a peaceful and industrialized nation, the mainstream media blinks and scratches its nuts in confusion.  “Well, that there is a magnitude of infinite tragedy, but there are more interesting questions to answer.  Like at what point in Winehouse’s career did she let the booing her drunk ass offstage upbraid her fragile psyche?”

Anecdotes are the primary emotional knee-jerk rebuke to responses like mine.  Tear-jerkers about how your ex-roommate’s mom was a hot mess with a tragic death.  But Amy Winehouse wasn’t that person; she probably didn’t even know who you are.  So let the public figures have their public ridicule.  She can’t be hurt anymore.


31 thoughts on “Too soon? Why I laugh at Amy Winehouse jokes.

  1. Don’t feel guilty – I’ve been reading the jokes on Facebook and Twitter and I’ve had a chuckle. Yes, Amy Winehouse’s death is tragic but we didn’t know her personally.

  2. I like your style – having been a fan of Lewis Carroll growing up, I got a good chortle out of this 🙂 Also pleasing to see an American use the term ‘wanker’ (from an Aussie perspective). JB

  3. The thing is, it’s one thing to not care if she died (which I’m fine with) but then to go and make jokes about her dying is off. Unless it’s some horrible villain or serial killer or someone like Hitler, then I don’t think mocking someone’s death is cool. Unfortunately it’s become ‘cool’ to make jokes celebs as soon as they die. Most people who think up, make, or spread these jokes will never have jokes made about their own death which doesn’t seem fair. I’m ambivalent about Amy Winehouse’s death but i’m sure not going to make a joke about someone dying. it’s called being a decent human.

  4. Amy winehouse is still alive! Forensic police went to draw a chalk line around her and she rolled over and tried to snort it……

  5. Whats the difference between Amy Winehouse and Jeremy Clarkson??…

    Jeremy Clarkson is still doing top gear

    If thats not funny i dont know what is.

  6. Amy Winehouse arrives at the pearly gates, surprised to be almost 100th in line… St Peter shouts “Amy, come to the front of the line. I’m waiting for the Norwegian translator to arrive to sort this fucking lot out”…..

  7. They say it’s ok to give your kids a little smack if they deserve it. Not sure Amy Winehouses dad would agree…

  8. Amy Winehouse’s manager has just announced he is to release Amy Winehouse: Greatest Hits.
    It’s just a box filled with used syringes.

  9. All reports have signalled a huge loss to the industry from Amy’s death.
    But drug dealers say they’ll bounce back.

  10. When people make jokes about a person’s death it’s just a sign that that person was a celebrity. Like when Muddy Waters died all those years ago (1983) and my room-mate having heard the news went “Didn’t wake up this morning…..”

    Amy Winehouse’s musical legacy will be remembered long after the jokes are forgotten. She lived fast, died young, the flame burned brightly, but she is already immortal.

    • Jimi hendrix 27,kurt cobain 27,jim morrison 27,janis joplin 27,amy whinehouse 27 , justin bieber 17……another 10 fucking years to go

  11. Amy Winehouse arrives at the gates of heaven to be greeted by Michael Jackson and St Peter.

    Amy says, “Oh Michael are you here to greet me because I’m a musical genius like you?”

    Michael turns to St Peter and says, “Who is that horse faced junkie, and where are all these Norwegian kids you promised me?”

  12. Now time has past, more information has been released, amazing documentaries have been made, museum exhibits have happened, there has been art work, books and music detailing the talent and emotional, psychological, mental and physical STRUGGLE this woman went through. Who is any person to criticize the death of any living being? It’s sad enough her music was able to speak to so many people and she was so young and had to go through so much in life. Let it be in her death.

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