Banned from Reddit, Reddit’s arbitrary self-promotion rule

So I linked to my own blog, different articles, on Reddit twice.  There is no rule explicitly against this practice. But I was banned anyway.

The rule clearly states:

Feel free to post links to your own content (within reason). If that’s all you ever post, and it always seems to get voted down instantly, take a good hard look in the mirror — you just might be a spammer.”

Within reason.  They really need to create a specific quantitative guideline (1 self-promotion per week) otherwise its just arbitrary who they or the “report” button says they can ban.  My account is relatively new.  I don’t link to a lot of other stuff because, most popular links are already up, and they don’t do duplicate links.  The few comments I  have posted have been well thought-out and insightful.

I’m not the only person to complain about this issue in particular and being “silently banned” by IP address:


This happens all the time with Reddit. Rather than outright ban users, they mute them without any indication. The muting is done by IP address, but the ability to see your own comments is done by user name. Ostensibly this is to fight spam (like a honeypot), but there are indications that it can be invoked automatically with the report button — apparently the oversight on report is intermittent, and the user is frequently just muted until an admin looks into it. An associate of mine pointed otut that this has the convenient side effect of maintaining the user’s ad impressions without allowing them a voice.

If you have a reddit account that you don’t care about getting IP banned on (like a work computer), reddit this shit, and the other links I posted to.

I’m sticking to StumbleUpon from now on.


10 thoughts on “Banned from Reddit, Reddit’s arbitrary self-promotion rule

  1. I’m a Redditor but I’ve never heard of stuff like this. I thought that Reddit was about sharing, etc.

    StumbleUpon’s good. I’m on there as well.

    • Yeah, just don’t post more than one link to yourself on reddit, and you should be fine.

      Stumbleupon has similar vague terms. But I’ve promoted a lot there, and so far haven’t gotten in trouble. I’m going to try to e-mail an admin on SU on where they draw the line between spamming and not.

  2. think i’ve been ip banned, which sucks. Cuz i have a fun blog. After posting twice, it’ll say ‘you’ve done that too much, try again in an hour’, but it’ll keep saying that for days and weeks.

    Fuck reddit.

    People actually upvote my content too, so I think it’s just moderator’s that get annoyed form seeing people self-promote blogs.

  3. Drives me crazy. Some Reddit sites encourage you to post your own work, like poetry subreddits, but since they banned me, they don’t post anything I submit from any site. That’s kind of crazy, since I’m trying to post links to things that I think would really interest readers.

  4. I’ve recently tried to use Reddit for self promotion too; I tried very hard to read various things online about how to avoid being a spammer and all that. I put links to posts to two different articles I’d written on my site, this morning. After about 4 hours they get banned and I’m told by a moderator that an admin has banned me and that’s that. Tried to contact the ominous ‘admins’ but sounds like I shouldn’t even expect a reply. Though I would like to just never visit Reddit again, I was getting some good hits and stimulating conversation before the ban — should I just make another account? Or do they do IP banning?

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