HIghdea #2: Pugs are ugly motherfuckers

^via ToothpasteforDinner

According to Truth as a Democracy, Pugs also can suffer from a variety of health issues, including overheating, obesity, pharyngeal reflex and two fatal conditions which are necrotizing meningoencephalitis and hemivertebrae.  In addition, care must be taken by their owner to clean the folds of skin on their face.

Yes, in addition to having conditions impossible to pronounce, this is  dog so ugly, you have to manually clean the wrinkles in its face.  Especially if it eats its own shit, because the fecal coliforms might accidentally mutate into intelligent life incubating under those furry folds of skin.

Pug may be made less ugly by breeding with a beagle, the resulting mutt known as a puggle…

which  can kind of look cute when it’s a puppy…


Another blogger confirms, pugs are actually, indeed, smelly goblins: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/43305/pugs_arent_dogs_but_goblins.html

I’m sure I’m going to get hatemail from pug enthusiasts.   But really, Pugs deserve their rightful place at the Ugly Overload blogspot.


15 thoughts on “HIghdea #2: Pugs are ugly motherfuckers

  1. Hey I cannot argue that Pugs have health conditions and may not be beautiul to everyone but I happen to have the sweetest Pug Dog in the world. I do not have a friend or family member that does not love her wonderful,loving personality. I am thinking you may be a little hard hearted.

  2. I had to google “pugs are fucking ugly” just to see how many people shared my sentiments. Dishearteningly and unfathomably, it seems that people mostly refer to pugs as “cute”, or at worst “cute in an ugly way”.

    I’m not sure whether the people are near blind, semi retarded or a combination of the two… But I am sure that pugs are the ugliest, nastiest, most grotesque and vile little balls of shit in the entire animal kingdom… And this is coming from a vegetarian who wouldn’t even hurt a fly. In fact, I have an easier time encompassing cockroaches into my circle of compassion than even attempting to scrape together an iota of love, or even tolerance for the horrific monstrosity that is the pug.

    Now I’m not a completely cynical bastard, so I’ll try to end on a positive note. For a very, very brief time when pugs are puppies, there is the tiniest (and I mean tiniest) hint of cuteness in their faces. But as I said, this is only for an extremely brief time. The moment they age beyond 3 weeks, they start going downhill… Fast. It’s not long at all before they look like a cross between Gollum and a wart infested anus. Complete with a pair of absolutely terrifying, arse ugly, yet comically hilarious “googly eyeballs”.

    Finally, as if their ghastly appearance wasn’t enough… Their habits are putrid. 99% of their wretched lives consist of making obnoxious, stomach turning slurping, grunting and snorting sounds.

    Down with pugs. Foul beasts.

  3. Its simple really, those who think pugs are cute, are the type to see a damaged person out on the street and want to “fix them”. They’re the type of people that neglect a dogs needs, and great them like a person instead.

    Dogs are great companions because they’re loyal and obedient. If they’re both of those things, great. But if you have a dog that craps of pisses in the house, at all, you’ve failed your dog and shouldn’t own one. If your dog destroys your furniture, you’re a failure. Etc, etc, etc. But far more importantly, if you bought a dog to cuddle with it, you’re an überdüche.

    Let’s be honest, no one thinks pugs are cute. They think they’re ugly, and either they enjoy pity so much that they want to be surrounded by it, or they’re emotionally damaged. Every day is a big freaking, gigantic, titanic pity party if you own a pug. And if you avoided getting your dog spayed or neutered, because you love him/her so much that you want to breed them, do yourself a favor, and don’t. You’re only slapping nature in the face by specifically breeding a dog that suffers. The pug breeders are purposely skirting natural selection and choosing to give lineage to dogs that shouldn’t exist, and are merely breeding for the worst genes possible. They have bad bones, bad joints, can’t even run, they can’t even breathe. If a dog can choke on it’s own tongue, or smother itself simply by getting excited, it shouldn’t be bred.

    If you truly care about your dog, you’d breed them out of their faulty bodies, and breed them with airways that work, joints that don’t fail at 4-5 months, and eyeballs that don’t fall out. But you dont. You guys actually encourage the suffering…because you like a dog with a smashed face, and twiggy legs is ugly enough to make you pity them. Incidentally, what youre really saying is….”i think suffering is cute. And think there should be more suffering dogs”. Breed a dog that’s smart, and healthy, and then* (and only then) will a pug owner/past pug owner be worthy of dog ownership.

    • And you know what else, chump? I take good, commonse sense care of my pug and she has less problems than many different breeds that my friends own. Drop dead you evil, sick bastard

  4. I think you are just a chump, punkass who is trying to get attention and gets no pu55y in his life. Pugs are absolutely adorable, smart and loyal, unlike your ugly ass who has no girlfriend and stinks like horse shit. I would avoid hitting a pug in my car and run over you and not lose a wink of sleep you narrow minded prick.

    • I dated a woman who had a pug, then married her, then divorced her. Small dogs in general, and pugs specifically, are a warning sign that a woman is extremely self-centered and emotionally fragile. The dog was absolutely disgusting, with an eye that had popped out from playing with another dog that just stared off in one direction, fat like a slug, filthy face creases… The little fucker bit me once when I moved it to sit near my girlfriend, begged all through dinner (and *I* was the asshole for shushing it), constant licking and snorting, and had a truly offensive odor.

      I guess what I’m trying to say is be as pissed off as you like, those of us in the know wouldn’t go near you anyway. You, like your dog, are a bad genetic bet and sure to make a partner suffer.

  5. Its funny that the people who claim pugs are cute usually follow that diatribe up with, “They have the cutest personalities”. Not only is that bullshit, but it’s extra smelly bullshit. If by cute personality they mean wheezing, and laying around like wrinkly fat meat zepplins then ok. I fold. Nevermind the fact that they really aren’t cute at all. They have those disgustingly enormous none functional bulging eyes that go in different directions, smashed in flat ass wrinkly faces and those gross ass tails. Nevermind the fact that they are medically repulsive. Fine by me if you are delusional enough to think that after all of THAT, that pugs are cute, but I would hate to see what Pug lovers bring home to date. They are really abominations that should have never been created. They were bred with the worst possible traits ON PURPOSE. Who the fuck intentionally breeds these Frankenstein-esque little fuckers and calls them “cute”? Oh yeah. The CHINESE. That’s who. If you like pugs you are saying you like torture by breeding animals that literally can’t function. Anything that can choke on it’s own tongue as a major danger to it’s life should not have been created. God did not create these abherations. Man did. The people who own them promote nazi like experimentation when they buy and breed pugs. Ugly, disfunctional little tards that they are. Bless their hearts.

  6. Your and asshole. My pug does not smell or do any of those disgusting things. Matter of fact, asshole she walks and plays just like any other dog. I am not self centered. She has not health problems. Because she was breed correctly. You know nothing. You are a sick person with nothing else to do but to make this blog. Get a job you loser. I dont like all dogs but I wont hurt any living thing. You must be a Dexter.

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