Top Five Reasons I don’t blog as much as I used to

5:  The News Sucks.  Really.  Democrats are down in the polls.  Obama ignores job creation measures.  Unemployment keeps on trucking.  And yeah, we withdrew from Iraq, but Bush kind of ruined it several years ago with the severely premature Mission Accomplished banner.

4.  Work.  I work in a pharmacy and am licensed and certified, but still get paid below median wage.  It’s like retail, but more counting of thousands of pills and dealing with insurance problems.  Joy.

3.  School.  Formal education is supposedly important.  In addition to Econ, I’m taking Comp II, which is a lot like a class I took in NY called “Lit: Form and Meaning” in which I got really high and wrote an 8 page paper in 2 days about John Keats’ existential crisis in “Ode to a Nightingale.”  I got 100 on that paper

2.  New York City.  There’s stuff to do there.   Remind me to write reviews of Manhattan versus Brooklyn sex shops.

1.  Bed.  I spend a lot of time in bed, because without sleep you can’t be happy. And my boyfriend owns a Tempur-pedic which doesn’t help.  I also bummed his Netflix account and watched the entire first season of Dollhouse on there because Joss Whedon makes awesome shit.

Also, House and Dexter have season premieres this month, which are more reasons I won’t be getting out of his Tempur-pedic bed, unless he moves the laptop… and his penis.


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