Steve Carrel’s Replacement on The Office

The Week thinks up five possibilities for the new boss.  Who can fill Michael Scott’s shoes?

  • Ricky Gervais: The boss from the original Britland version, and he’s “inherently meaner” as an actor, writes Christopher Rosen at the New York Observer.
  • Rainn Wilson: Just promote Dwight.  What could possibly go wrong?

  • Lisa Kudrow: Best known as Phoebe from Friends.  Or maybe Elizabeth Banks of 30 Rock.  Ladies rock.  No sexual harassment; they took care of them remember. (Did Dwight ever figure out what the ‘female vagina’ looked like?
  • Ed Helms: Comedy Central, ftw.  Steve Carrel came from the Daily Show, so why not try Ed Helms (The Dentist from The Hangover)?  Or Rob Corddry.
  • Old Spice Guy: In his commercials, “he’s basically acting like a pompous idiot, and what better show could there be for pompous idiots than The Office?,” explains the Hollywood Reporter.
[post-date edit:  Will Farrell is the confirmed replacement.  Ew.  Time to Cancel.]

2 thoughts on “Steve Carrel’s Replacement on The Office

  1. There was actually an episode where Michael was considering leaving and he was going over potential replacements, including Dwight, Ryan, and Andy (Ed Helms). I think the show would work perfectly fine for maybe another season or two with Rainn Wilson, or actually any of the cast members.

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