Fun Link Friday

Not Really Fun, but some great photojournalism on the G20 summit.

The Male Birth Control Pill is finally almost here.

This fish grows a ‘stache to attract the lady fishes.

I’m not really a fan, but look at 11 year old Taylor Lautner go:

Trailer for the upcoming Harry Potter movie.

A Fanfic I wrote in 2005 about the final Harry Potter book.  Spoiler alert:  Dumbledore doesn’t die.

Yoinked from the Daily Dish:

My shirt came! “Legalize Armadillos.  Regulate and tax them for revenue.”


One thought on “Fun Link Friday

  1. Yes, it is indeed time we legalized, regulated, and taxed armadillos. I’m tired of people who horde armadillos and those who trade in the armadillo black market skirting by without paying their fair share of taxes. Who are we to judge if a person wants to use an armadillo in the privacy of their own home. Legalizing and taxing armadillos could be the silver bullet to solving state budget deficits in places like California. Services won’t need to be cut and taxes won’t need to be raised because we all know that most Californians like to get down with armadillos.

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