JWH: A Fake Pot Review

I smoked Spice Blend a few years ago.  It tasted like marshmallows and made me feel only mildly euphoric.

I have not smoked salvia.  I’ve heard mixed things about it.  But I have smoked something that was purportedly JWH-018 or some other chemically similar cannabinoid agonist.   I smoked it twice.  Both times I tripped balls.  And they were not fun balls.

First a little about JWH, fake weed.  It works on the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain, with some selectivity for CB2. This makes it different from marijuana as the active ingredient there, THC, primarily binds to CB1.  Result of this difference for me = bad trip.

I smoked a large joint the first time.  It was cool at first; I felt moderately high and ate munchables and cleaned my room.   Then I fell asleep for about 40 minutes.  I woke up feeling panicky and ended up calling a friend to talk me down from it.  I wasn’t hallucinating but something about reality just felt “off” and I didn’t feel like being alone.

Despite this meh experience, I didn’t want to waste my 20 dollars, so I ended up smoking the rest a week or so later.  The second bowl in, I started feeling a little weird, so I decided to take a warm shower in hopes of calming down.

Mid-shower things started feeling really weird.  The easiest way to describe it was like the movie Being John Malkovich, like the scene where Lotte is first sucked into John Malkovich’s body and watches him shower from a first person point of view.  I watched myself slowly grab the shampoo bottle, put it back down, lather.  Grab the conditioner bottle, put it back down, lather.  There was something about the mindless, repetitive nature of the tasks that was really abstract and dehumanizing.

I wrapped a towel around myself and walked to my bedroom.  I sat on the bed and looked at myself in the vanity mirror.  I ran my fingers through my wet hair.  I’m not sure how many times I ran my fingers through my hair but there was something about the sensation that was intriguing.  I sat there, wrapped in a towel, dripping wet and tripping out, thinking I was in some sort of purgatory where the only items of reality that I had control over were my fingers and my wet hair.

After what was only about 30 minutes but seemed like eternity, I became aware of the fact that I could control myself.  I walked to my closet, picked out clothes, got dressed, and lay back down on my bed, coming down from the experience.

It’s not something I would do again.


3 thoughts on “JWH: A Fake Pot Review

  1. A similar thing happened to me when I smoked fake weed, I bought apperentley the most potent stuff from a random smoke shop in san diego. Apperently it was diffrent from spice because i don’t believe it had jwh in it (but that could have been a lie). So i have been taking a few puffs here and there really not getting any good highs more like mindless buzz’s but pipes really dont get me that high. So i decided to make a waterfall and i took one hit along with three shots of alcohol, i was in a happy and giggly mood but i could act straight. So the next day i decided to take two hits and the piece i used i think had some thc resin on it because when i lit up the piece the herbs fell through but it still smoked and it tasted more like weed smoke. Then i made a really milky hit and took a break to see how i was feeling then it hit me i knew i was at a good high. But the normal warm feeling i had sorta had an edge to it like if i thought about it too long i would think i was on fire or something. So before i had smoked the stuff i had read many reviews on it and i knew that i could possibly be in for a really bad trip if i didnt keep myself calm and focused. Anytime i have smoked weed i have felt in control of my self when i was on this trip it took a lot of focus to and good thoughts to not go crazy. I was happy at first thinking i had achieved my favorite high where i felt like i was in a video game and everything looked more animated then real. But in the back of my head there was a fealing of dread and it slowly got worse so i went and got a cool glass of water to keep me focused on having a good trip. then i went upstairs and i lost control of myself i stripped naked and the rest i keep quiet… then i got a feeling of panic in me as i was lying naked in the middle of the hall like someone was watching me so i put my clothes on and went into my room to trip on some techno and try to make my trip as normal as possible to me. But as soon as i entered the room i started to panic i laid down and tried to get myself to sleep but i couldn’t control my thought… i started getting more and more scared i was going to die and that i would hypervenalate or that my heart would explode… so i tried to calm myself down telling myself not to think about the trip because it would only get worse i just needed to tell myself it wasnt real but whatever i told myself it became the opposite so i freaked out worse and worse to the point where i was about to call 911. But from reading experiences i some how remembered that i would get through this and i wouldn’t die so i ran into the hall and ended up walking in circles panicking telling myself to calm down but i actually started to panick more. So then i fell to the floor with my eyes closed and started praying and i just sat there asking to be guided through the trip (this is in the same spot i had been lying naked in :p). I calmed myself down enough to then get another glass of water and sat down to watch tv, the whole time i had to focus on the tv knowing i had the potential to go into panick mode again. So everywhere i went i had to have the t.v. on and a light on because i thought demons were following me. I could barely control my body movements where if i thought about pain in my body such as my eye my hand would move up and start scratching and i would use the other one to pull away. so i sat there with 5 glasses of water my hands holding eachother rambling like a mad person. then i went back upstairs when i was a little bit down and luckily my trip was ok from there… but overall if i hadnt known that the trip could have been bad i would have ended up in the hospital from freaking out, i just wasnt expecting th lack of control with my thoughts or actions it was like a cross between dxm weed and satan :p idk if i will try it again… i like my sour dream…

    • That’s a crazy story. Apparently, people like to get naked while on fake weed.

      I did Salvia once on Ambien and blacked out. I woke up what I presume was only a few seconds later sitting on the floor folding a towel.

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