The Economics of Being Female

I wikipedia'd "feminist." I got this chick. *shrug*

I’m a feminist.  Now, we can dabble semantics about what that word means and complicate it with adding modifiers like “first wave” and “third wave,” but the end of the day, it’s all about equality with men.  (Another debatable phrase.  I know.)

I’m not going to spend this post arguing about how the word “feminism” has come to have an unfortunate, pejorative rep.  (Thanks in part to Rush Limbaugh somehow associating it with Nazism.)

I want to talk about something else.   A topic that’s less touched upon in my experience:  The financial consequences in American society of having a XX chromosome and a subsequent vagina and tits.

I’m going to use myself as a reference because I think I have some credentials as being a woman.  Let’s take a look at some of the prices of clothing I have in my closet:

Pair of Skinny Jeans from Macy’s— $29.99

Blouse from Kohl’s— $14.99

Pair of Panties from Victoria’s Secret— $4.99

Full-coverage Bra From Aerie— $29.99

That’s $80 just to get dressed in the morning with standard, non-sale clothing from popular middle-class stores.  Not including shoes.  Matching shoes.  Women are notorious for having to have the matching shoes for the outfit.

I might be able to skim $30 of that total if I happen to be in the mall on sale days and snag the bra and jeans for half price.

My daily make-up:

A 2 oz bottle of Almay Cover-up/Foundation— $9.99  (It does last a few months, though.)

Peppermint lip gloss from Bath and Body works—$5.00

Prestige brand Liquid eyeliner— $5.99

I consider myself relatively low maintenance for a girl in terms of the amount of make-up I own.   I’m not including in there the price of make up brushes and utensils.

I could go into great detail about the cost of tampons, handbags, haircuts, hair styling products, perfume, lotion, and all the other miscellaneous girly implements and services, but I’m going to cut to the moral of the story:

If men ask me out on a date, I let them pay for it.  Because if I’m dishing out the equivalent or more just to make myself look presentable according to societal standards, then I believe I’m worth it.


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