What I learned today.

In an effort to revive my dying blog, I’m going to be updating this with a segment I call:  “What I learned today.”

It’s function is two-fold:  To give my blog content for once and to see what I really do learn over the course of a month.

I learned that there’s a World Toilet Organization that hosts a World Toilet Summit. http://www.worldtoilet.org/ourwork5.asp?no=1

Four year olds are easily impressionable.  “Repeat after me.  The Holocaust never happened.”  Yeah… I keep questionable company.

Dinosaurs were in the civil war.  http://io9.com/5084491/the-alternate-history-theme-park-where-dinosaurs-fought-the-civil-war

[edit: Man, this concept was shortlived.  I suck.]


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