Contemplating Bra Names

Today I bought a couple bras, one at Aerie and the other at Kohls.  I find it very bizarre that they are assigning names to styles of bras now.   I don’t mean normal style names like “Midnight Magic” or something like that, but actual human female names.  Today I bought “Katie” at Aerie and “Haylie” at Kohls (Candie’s brand).

Aerie was giving out $5 coupons to anyone who tried on a bra, so I humored the salesgirl as she explained to another customer and me the different bras– “Katie,” “Paige,” and “Sasha.”  (The one with the hooker name was the deep-plunge push-up, of course.)  As she was talking, using words like “dramatic” to describe the styles, I couldn’t help but imagine an animated series with characters consisting solely of anthropomorphic bras.

I actually own two “Katies” now and one of them is black.


2 thoughts on “Contemplating Bra Names

  1. It’s like these bras now have personality. They can be your special friend, accompanying you while you navigate the shopping malls for more friends to share your life with.

    I think I need coffee.

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