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I added a new category the other day: “Viral Things” Because that encompasses not just viral videos, but websites, blogs, images, soundclips, and sometimes syphyllis.

Funfact: Syphyllis is sometimes supposed as to what made Ivan the Terrible so terrible. In its last stages victims can have symptoms of dementia, like mania and psychosis and stabbing your son YAY!

Anyway, here are a few fun things I’ve found in my browsings of the interweb:


Upload your face and have random strangers comment on it, guess your age, and answer designated questions. According this picture: people think I’m “weird” “dangerous” and “awesome.” Whoo.

2. Too lazy to embed. This song is what introduced me to comedian Jon Lajoie and his wooing pelvic gyrations. Too lazy to link to his site. Google if you want. And remember, “Feelings are gay.”

3. There’s a plethora of typographic videos on youtube I never realized. Like this one. Song Lyrics: The Hush Sound – Lions Roar. Really mesmerizing stuff.


Q: How does crackwhore Amy Winehouses do her hair?

A: Lots of hairpins.


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