Socially Awkward on WordPress

So apparently I missed the memo that you’re supposed to name your domain after your blog name. Like the rebel I am, I made my domain my username instead. Quite frankly, I’m indecisive as an ADD kid who forgot his “special bandaid,” and I’m going to change my blog name several times in the future. An inconsistent url would bother me.

So I hope you readers, whoever you are, don’t get too attached to Clantily Scad. That title was a suggestion from a very special asian girl who owes her life to sparkling cider and mansex.

And I’m going to work on trying to post without any sexual references. I promise. Unless that’s what you want. Or do I just need to even out the sex with violence? Violence, you say?

*google image searches “violence”*

Apparently this:

is a logo “against family violence” even though it looks like the kid is punching his conjoined asexual parents.


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